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Innovative solutions unveiled at the 37th Topical ISE Meeting in Italy

17.06.2024 1 min read

The 37th Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry took place from 9 to 12 June 2024 in the picturesque town of Stresa, Italy. Among the many highlights of the conference was the presentation by Ms. Öykü Simsek from HIPOLE Jena on “UV-Initiated Composite Ionogels for Li-Organic Batteries.” Her talk delved into the innovative synthesis of composite ionogels through UV-polymerization and explored the electrochemical characterization of cells containing Li metal, developed composite ionogels, and organic cathodes. Ms. Simsek’s insights were highly valued, shedding new light on the potential advancements in battery technology.

The conference was a melting pot of ideas and knowledge, attracting scientists from around the globe. It provided an excellent platform for discussions on secondary batteries, including lithium, sodium, and post-lithium technologies, as well as supercapacitors, fuel cells, and electrolyzer technologies. The event also covered redox flow batteries, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the latest advancements and challenges in electrochemistry. Beyond the formal sessions, the gathering facilitated the exchange of fresh ideas and fostered collaborations, contributing significantly to the field.

Stresa, the chosen host city, added a unique charm to the conference. Known as the Queen of Lake Maggiore, Stresa offered participants a chance to enjoy its scenic beauty, from the lush slopes of Mottarone to the picturesque Borromean Islands. The town, rich in history and culture, has been a favored destination for intellectuals since the 19th century, including notable figures like Lord Byron, Stendhal, and Charles Dickens. Attendees appreciated not only the scientific insights but also the opportunity to explore the historic villas, parks, and gardens, making the conference a memorable blend of professional enrichment and cultural delight.