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Second day at Hannover Messe


24.04.2024 1 min read

At our stand in the Hannover Messe, we’re not just talking about the hydrogen hype – we’re showcasing a groundbreaking solution to a pressing challenge in renewable energy utilization. Our organic redox flow batteries offer a sustainable answer to the inefficient use of renewable energies during periods of overproduction and low demand.

Visitors to our stand have been quick to recognize the potential of our innovation, especially as we unveil the expanded energy campus right in the middle of Germany, in Jena. This hub of innovation, including our pioneering research, is set to revolutionize the way we store and utilize energy.

Industry leaders are eagerly anticipating the Lab-2-Fab phase, recognizing the urgent need and immense potential of our technology. Long-time observers of our research are hopeful for a turbocharged pace of innovation with the expansion of the energy campus, including the introduction of HIPOLE Jena.

Even private individuals are electrified by the developments in Jena. They’re eager to be early adopters of this groundbreaking technology, expressing interest in participating in pilot projects.

Big innovation sparks big interest. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative journey. Come and talk to us at Hannover Messe, stand C24, and be among the first to embrace the future of energy storage and utilization.

A huge shoutout to Rene Burges for keeping us updated with captivating photos and valuable insights directly from Hannover.