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Thuringia shall become more attractive for skilled foreign workers

19.04.2024 1 min read

A founding Director of HIPOLE Jena Prof. Dr. Ulrich S. Schubert encourages to promote Thuringia Region for foreign specialists. Here are already lots of job options, especially in the science field for Doctoral and Postdoctoral researchers. “But we really need to work on persuading foreign specialists actually want to come to work here” says Professor Schubert in the interview for MDR Television. International experts shall feel and know that they are cordially welcomed and awaited here and that everything is ready to make them and their families feel at home.

Thuringia is a very green region in Germany, it offers many options not only in the working environment but for life as well. Here you can find everything from enjoying nature outside to a rich cultural life. Family people would also value a great school and “Kindergarten”- system that we have here. Therefore our goal is to highlight these opportunities to foreign job seekers and let them decide in favour of Thuringia.