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Harnessing the Power of AI: revolutionizing data evaluation for research

04.06.2024 1 min read

Photo by Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft / Helmholtz Association

Kevin Jablonka, a representative of HIPOLE Jena, took part in the “re:publica24” conference organized by the Helmholtz Association on May 29, 2024. Four pioneering pilot projects that leverage foundation models to tackle significant challenges in climate research, medicine, and materials science for the energy transition were discussed. These advanced AI models hold the potential to revolutionize data evaluation in scientific research.

Together with the Helmholtz Association, HIPOLE Jena is committed to transparency and accessibility. All project results, including code, training data, and trained models, will be made available to society as open source. This initiative aims to advance the understanding and application of AI in science, driving innovative solutions to global challenges.

We are glad to take part in the discussion and solve global problems together.

Photo by Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft / Helmholtz Association