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The second building of the Center for Energy & Environmental Chemistry in Jena opens the doors for chemistry researchers

19.04.2024 1 min read

Foto: Jens Meyer, Universität Jena
Blick auf das Gebäude der Forschungsneubauten CEEC Jena II und AWZ CEEC Jena der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, das am 12.04.24 offiziell eröffnet wurde. Auf fast 4.000 qm Hauptnutzfläche sind interfakultäre Gebäude der Universität Jena entstanden, wo Forschende aus Chemie, Material- und Geowissenschaften zusammenarbeiten. Foto: Jens Meyer/Universität Jena

Jena is becoming more and more attractive place for chemistry specialists from the whole Germany and Worldwide. The newly opened CEEC Jena II & AWZ CEEC Jena building is a significant add on for the research opportunities in the city. On 12-th of April we celebrated the opening of the CEEC Jena II & AWZ CEEC Jena which was constructed with a significant funding support of total 53 million euros from the Federal State of Germany, the Free State of Thuringia, the Carl Zeiss Foundation, the Ernst Abbe Foundation, as well as support from the EU EFRE and Friedrich-Schiller-University’s own resources.

“Many equipment, lots of projects and, above all, the specialists are placed here” says Prof. Dr. Ulrich S. Schubert during the opening ceremony. Together with the other projects, Helmholtz Institute for Polymers in Energy Applications Jena (HIPOLE Jena) has moved to the AWZ CEEC Jena and now occupies two half floors of the building. Here HIPOLE Jena is working on the sustainable solutions for the energy storage.

Photo: Jens Meyer/University of Jena
A view on the new research buildings CEEC Jena II and AWZ CEEC Jena of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, which was officially opened on April 12, 2024. Interfaculty building at the University of Jena have been built on almost 4,000 square meters of main usable space, where researchers from chemistry, materials science and geosciences work together. Photo: Jens Meyer/University of Jena